• The Hungarian corporation, Novaccu Ltd. Has a system technology for a new type of electrical energy storage battery commonly known as the “NOVACCU BATTERY”,  , is suitable  for the electrical supply of electric cars.

    New material the next generation energy storage for Electric car .

    Go Green Energy Storage
    New material the energy storage,“NOVACCU BATTERY” 750 Wh / Kg , ,,,
    . New Technology  In The Future
    Which is suitable the electricity supply of the electric cars.,
    Fast recharge option: to upload to 100% it takes a few minutes
    It is suitable electrical energy storage . by the Solar- Wind- Water and Nuclear Power Industrial Quantities .
    N.O.V.A.C.C.U -S.W.N/.P.I.Q-
    Batteries, energy storage devices:
    Ni-Cd: 60 to 100 Wh / kg
    Ni-MH, 90 -120 Wh / kg

  • Li-ion and polymer: 100 -180 – 280 .-Wh / kg. Tesla Battery for Electric  Car
  • No-Va, .680-770 Wh / kg  Novaccu Battery for Electric Car
  • The Novaccu Ltd. is the sole owner of the technology..
  • “NOVACCU BATTERY” 750 Wh / Kg
  • • The stored energy in the battery of the NOVACCU can be stored indefinitely without
    loss  years or more  and no self-discharge
    The Novaccu Ltd. is the sole owner of the technology, and the technology
     Data sheet of Novaccu:- 750Wh/KG
    Company for Production, Development and Trading of Chemical Power
    Address : Hungary  H-1158 Budapest Késmárk utca 8- 10
     Mobile: 0036-70-626-3828
    Hungary Budapest
    Mr. Vincze György
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